Contract to Close for High-Volume Residential Clients.

We take on the details of transaction management so that you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

One seamless experience with the Blueprint family of products:

How Concierge Works:

Step 1: Contract

Concierge reviews each contract for completion, submits it to the title company, and tracks all deadlines and requirements.

Step 2: Communication

Concierge engages with all transaction parties, including counterparties, lenders, insurance companies, HOAs, and other stakeholders.

Step 3: Details

Concierge coordinates all transaction tasks from organizing EMD to ordering insurance to gathering utility information and more.

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Concierge Services

Project Management

We are your project manager for each transaction from contract to close. 

From ensuring contracts are complete to coordinating on-the-ground details to managing the earnest money process, our goal is to take work off your plate. 

Process Enhancement

We learn your business, goals, processes, and transactions in order to be an effective extension of your team. 

Our solutions are flexible enough to provide the support you and your team need on each transaction as you continue to scale. 

External Party Management

We collaborate closely with all transaction parties, including your counterparties, insurance companies, inspectors, and any other stakeholders.

One of the hardest parts of any transaction is ensuring that everyone is moving forward at the same pace. We take communication and coordination off of you plate while keeping you in the loop on any important details.

Ready to Put Concierge to Work for You?

A Full-Stack Contract to Close Solution:

Concierge is your transaction manager, extending your team’s capacity to execute.          

Blueprint Title is your title and closing partner for all your transactions across the country.           

Southwest is your title underwriter, with premiums up to 40% lower than competitors in key markets.

All three deliver a streamlined, transparent experience through the Blueprint Portal.